Different Best Ways to Smoke Marijuana Flower

Smoke Marijuana Flower

Marijuana Flower, Cannabis flower, bud, or nug is a piece of the cannabis plant that is conspicuously seared and taken in for clinical or donning purposes. These are gathered, dried, and eased to set them up to be singed for smoking. Smoking is at this point the most favored way to deal with consume Cannabis among people. Here are different ways to deal with smoke marijuana flower.

Smoke Marijuana Flower


Smoking through a pipe has many advantages. Pipes are easy to carry around and use, which allows one to smoke discreetly. All one needs to do is insert weed into the pipe and light it to produce smoke. There is no need for electrical power or water. Pipes are made out of glass, metal, or wood. To use the pipe, the flower needs to be ground into small crumbles and inserted into the pipe before lighting it up. Obviously, glass pipes are brittle to handle, and it is a disadvantage that comes with using glass pipes for smoking marijuana flowers.


Chillum is a variation of pipe. It is streamlined to have a cigarette-like shape. These offer a very private experience and could be carried in a purse, pocket, or bag. The marijuana flower is inserted on one end, and when lit, smoke comes out on the other end. Some tend to hand cup the pipe to prevent lip contact.


Rolling and smoking joints is the most common way to smoke cannabis flowers. It is simple to roll a joint using rolling paper and light it to produce smoke. Some rollers at the end of the mouthpiece add a card stock as a filter and barrier to not burn the lips. When one rolls joints in cigar wrappers, it becomes blunt. A blunt contains tobacco. It has a pleasant flavor and is bigger in size. But as it contains tobacco, it has its downside. Pipes and Chillum are now available in different varieties at dispensaries and marijuana shops. High-end pipes offer greater durability and a better smoking experience. Glass pipes are most preferred because they give visuals of smoke and are easy to maintain and clean. Bongs are generally used in a home setting where a person can casually sit and smoke Marijuana at leisure. All smoking ways have their own pros and cons. Based on the comfort, intensity of smoke, usability, portability, and other factors, you need to choose the right type of smoking equipment to smoke marijuana flower.


Bongs are also called water pipes. This is a very popular way of smoking cannabis for recreation. Bongs contain water that acts as a filtration system between your lungs and buds. The harsh choky smoke is cooled off in the water chamber to give a cooling effect while smoking. The smoke from the flower feels smooth on the throat. Instead of water, some people prefer to add fruity flavored liquid to draw flavor. The disadvantage of using bongs is that the water filtration system traps THC, and this requires smokers to inhale many times to get the desired effect. Also, bongs are cumbersome and fragile.